The first dHEDGE DAO Community Call invite

We are thrilled to invite you to be a part of the dHEDGE DAO ecosystem building processes. We are opening our team calls for the community to join us in the discussion of the future of dHEDGE DAO. You will have a chance to see more into what our team is up to, ask questions directly to our team and have a chance to contribute to the decision making.

We are going to host our first dHEDGE DAO Community Call in a few weeks and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Date & Time

23.February 2021 at 10am UTC / 8pm CST / 9pm AEDT


  • dHEDGE ecosystem Council updates
  • News about dHEDGE DAO
  • Updates from dHEDGE Core Team
  • Community updates
  • Open Q&A discussion

During the Open Q&A discussion we will have time to discuss any other points that were not mentioned in the agenda. Keep in mind to bring up important points (things) that need to be discussed with the team and stay away from rambles.

Joining details

This meeting will be hosted on a Zoom. Joining link Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 5993 4161 Passcode: dHEDGE

Everyone is welcome to join this call!

Join the dHEDGE community on Discord, Twitter, Telegram English language, Telegram Chinese language and on WeChat.

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