✨ Let’s create Magic and talk about what’s important in the Ethereum Ecosystem

We know that Berlin Blockchain Week is going to be packed with conferences and events, but work also has to get done and consensus has to be fulfilled.

We are organizing the Ethereum Magicians Berlin Council 2019 🥳

In the past, we have generally avoided organizing events and talks. Because we thought that those are about shilling projects or highlighting techniques and we want to avoid that. There are way too many options for shilling projects and ideas. We are Ethereum Magicians and we want to do the *Magic*.

By *Magic* I mean that we aim to help the Ethereum ecosystem by facilitating discussions and working on technology standards. We believe that Berlin Blockchain Week is an amazing opportunity for everybody to gather and organize Individual Ring Meetings around the Magicians Council. It will be a great chance to get discussions going around important topics in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians Mission Statement:

The Goal. To Keep Ethereum The Best It Can Technically Be.

The Mission. To Nurture Community Consensus on the technical direction and specification of Ethereum.

The Work. Primarily, high-quality Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), accepted by a consensus of the Community. That’s the reason why we, Ethereum Magicians are organizing these Councils. Meeting in-person is very important for us to come up with reasonable solutions to the complex problems that we are working on day-to-day.

We are going to have the Ethereum Magicians Council on August 20th in Funkhaus during Web3 Summit. We have not allocated special tickets for Magicians, so if you want to attend the Council session, you need a ticket for Web3 Summit. Sadly, we were not able to get special permission for those who want to attend the Council (even though we tried so hard, I promise).

On the other hand, we are here to help you organize an Individual Ring Meeting. If you want to have discussions about a specific topic or EIP you can organize and lead a meeting, or find out about one that is happening during the week. We are here to help you with anything that you will need, just let us know on Telegram or Ethereum Magicians Forum.

As the best option for space is at the Web3 Summit, we acknowledge that there may be Magicians who want to attend but cannot afford to go, or can’t get to Berlin at this time of year. We will do our best to improve access to this Council, including video streaming, real-time notes, and the ability to have questions posted remotely.

Our Mission and Vision for Ethereum Magicians Council 2019:

Bring people — We want to bring people together and talk about problems that we are facing in Ethereum ecosystem. We are all building and contributing to the ecosystem day-to-day and we all want to keep it running in the best technical way possible.

Knowledge — We want everyone to glean knowledge from this meeting and do good for the ecosystem.

Facilitate — We want to facilitate and let people know what we are working on. On the other hand, we want to spread the word about Individual Ring Meetings. We will try to get everyone to know when and where your meeting will be (but you have to let us know that your meeting is happening).

Help — We want to help you with everything that you need to make your meeting happen — whether you need a space or a whiteboard or anything else. Just let us know, we are here for you.

Council of Paris, 2018 … (an amazing photo by Ashley Tyson of the Web3 Foundation)

At the Ethereum Magicians Council, we will talk about the main issues that we are facing in the Ethereum Ecosystem and Community. Topics for the Council and Individual Ring meetings can be found in this sheet, feel free to add yours. We will come to a consensus on the Forum about which topics will get the most attention.

Topics that will be covered at The Council:

  • Alternateth
  • Business Models
  • Decentralising Data Access

Topics that we would like to cover (but haven't found anyone to discuss them yet — if you would like to talk about these, please sign up ):

Deadline for Council topics / EIPs submissions is August 16th.

Organizing Discussions — Individual Ring Meetings

We want to help you organize Individual Ring Meetings so you can talk about problems and solutions and have a discussion around the topic that you are most interested in. In this case, we can help you get the space for this meeting, help you with organization and logistics, and share the date, place and time of your meeting.

We created a Checklist for Meeting leaders who will lead individual ring meetings. So you won’t forget to record the meeting and other important tasks (Don’t worry, we are trying to help but we can’t do everything. We need your help too). We also created a template for taking notes (so you can take better, more structured notes from meetings).

Deadline for Individual Ring Meeting submission is August 18th.

What’s next?

Join our Telegram Channel. We would like to gather Magicians on this channel that will be in Berlin around the Council for easier communication. If you want to organize an individual ring meeting or help with organization, send us a message on Telegram.


Ethereum Magicians forum post for discussion

ETH Magicians Telegram Channel (no spam, just Magicians and announcements about Council & Individual Ring Meetings)

Council Topics & Individual ring meetings sheet

Checklist for Individual Ring meeting

Template for Individual Ring Meeting Notes

We created a special edition of stickers that we will distribute all around the Council — look for Anett if you want some. She designed them for the Magicians Berlin Council 2019 ✨✨

✨ We are here to help the community gather and make this Council as valuable for everyone as possible. Feel free to reach out to Anett on Telegram if you need any help with an Individual Ring Meeting or the Council. ✨

Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨