Joining the flow of Superfluid 💸

This one is a bit personal but I hope you will enjoy this one 🙂

Since the moment I entered the Ethereum community, I knew that was the place I wanted to be. I have been always super positive and I’m still like that, I love the Ethereum community and it’s time to build.


I have been working with quite a lot of projects, but had the need to spin things off even more. The OG project that I’m still contributing to is Ethereum Magicians, I just can’t leave the Ethereum Magicians. It gave me the scent of the Ethereum craze at its fullest and I love it. Thanks to Ethereum Magicians I received the “Ethereum Sunshine” nickname 🌞

The Ethereum community knows me as the Ethereum Sunshine, people connect me with Ethereum Magicians and that’s it. But it’s not everything, I have been pretty busy lately. Over the past a couple of months I have been working on the Ethereum Meetup Support Program, growing and educating the community of Ethereum meetup organisers during the global pandemic when taking care of local communities is the last thing one would want to do. It was a journey full of learnings, iterating, changing plans…ups and downs.

No need to be sad, the rainbow always comes up after the rain and so it happened to me. I had to say goodbye to this amazing group of super sweet people and move on. How? Where? What? I had 0 ideas. I knew that I wanted to work in a team on an Ethereum based project.

I love Twitter and I appreciate every single follower that I have. I have a 4 digits number of followers on Twitter and super cool crypto friends so why not leverage it? I tweeted out something pretty wild looking for good projects to join and you guys won’t believe what happened afterwards. I felt incredibly grateful for every single DM that I received. I love you Ethereum community! 💗

The decision has to come and I had to pick a project that my heart would scream for. The priority for me was an amazing team and the opportunity to let things be how I want them and that’s exactly what Superfluid gives me.

Superfluid is one of the kindest teams ever. I wish I knew the magic recipe of putting the perfect team together but it seems like that’s the secret that Mike and Franz have. Franz is the CEO of Superfluid, he is also the creator of rDAI. Mike is an Ethereum OG and amazing manager. The rest of the team is full of the most talented people in their industry, whether we are talking about devs or designers.

Superfluid is programmable money on Ethereum. It is saving people’s money on transaction fees as you need just one transaction to start a stream with almost any type of ERC20 token. It is the exact “money lego” missing in the Ethereum.

Now it’s live, it just launched on Goerli as we want to let people play around with the Superfluid protocol before the contracts get audited. You have an amazing opportunity to play with the Superfluid protocol as the ETHGlobal hackathon is about to start 🥳

I’m really grateful for the opportunity that Superfluid gave me. I’m looking forward to going with the flow of the Superfluid protocol and the Ethereum ecosystem. Feel free to join Superfluid Discord and let’s chat more about ETH is money lego’s.

Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨