How to MakerDAO GitHub repository Tutorial

Welcome, this is a tutorial on how to find answers to your questions about MakerDAO on MakerDAO Awesome GitHub repository. Yeah, it is an awesome repository, not gonna lie :)

You’ve been most likely looking for some cool project with stable coins, congratulations! You just found it. You have tons of questions What it is? How it works? Congratulations! You just found it.

Now that you have so many questions about it, before asking those questions on Twitter or Telegram, please read this article. If you have any questions about MakerDAO, most likely people will link you to the Awesome MakerDAO GitHub repository but most people are unfamiliar with GitHub.

I’m going to help you find answers on as many questions as possible using MakerDAO Awesome GitHub repository. It is an open — source platform where you can find everything that you are looking for in one place.

In the first part of this repository, you will find answers to all the basic questions like What MakerDAO is? What tokens did they create? What stablecoin is? What MKR tokens is and what it is used for? What CDP is? And you will find there a few words that will explain to you that you will find everything there.

Underneath this Overview, you will find a “Table of Contents”. There are just sections within the repository. Which means that when you click on any of those words it will link you to a part of this repository where are resources related to that keyword.

For example, if you click on “Beginner guides”, it will link you to a section with links to several amazing blog-posts and videos where the basics of MakerDAO are explained. You will find the answers to many of your questions there.

That was the general part of the repository. In this section, we will go through the rest of the Awesome MakerDAO repository and explain what you can find there.

Let’s take a look at what can be found there if we scroll down. There’s a section that says “ Official Properties”. This is a great part to check out if you are looking for white paper, official websites that Maker team created.

If you find some MakerDAO channel but you are not sure if it is an official one, “Official Channels” is the part of the repository where you will find all MakerDAO’s official social media channels.

MakerDAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organization which means that they do public meetings (calls). In “Official meetings” part of the repo, you will find a Calendar when those meetings are (and you can add those calendars into your Google calendar).There are Playlists of recordings of those Meetings (as all of MakerDAO public meetings are being recorded).

In “Beginner Guides” you will find great explanations for beginners about MakerDAO. Those are great articles from MakerDAO community. Reading those can help you easily understand everything about MakerDAO. Definitely go through them if you are new and unfamiliar with MakerDAO.

Another section is “Tutorials” where you will find tutorials mostly on CDP. Those were created by MakerDAO’s community. Watch them if you have troubles with opening CDP or understanding CDP.

Section “FAQs” stands for Frequently Asked Questions. There you can find FAQs about Stability Fees, Liquidation, Stability fee raise and how they came up with name “Dai”. There are links to Reddit posts by MakerDAO team members.

In the section “In Depth Analysis” you will find articles about more specifics sentiments of a MakerDAO system. This section is divided on to a “Lighter” and a “Heavier” part which means that in a “Lighter” part you will find more complex information, in a “Heavier” part you will find more into deep explanations.

In the section “Speculation” you will find interesting articles, worth of reading if you want to get more into the deep about Maker system.

In the section “Critiques” you will find interesting Reddit and blog posts that are worthy of reading connected to MakerDAO system.

In the section “Governance” is basically everything that you should dive into if you are interested in MakerDAO governance system.

In a section ”Voting” you will find Governance portal that’s used for voting, how to set up your wallet when you are going to vote.

In the section “Major Milestones | Events“ are all important dates and events for MakerDAO community. If you scroll down you will find “Partnerships” that MakerDAO has, projects that are using Dai. MakerDAO has a lot of partnerships.

Section “AMAs | Interviews” stands for interviews with MakerDAO core team. Underneath this section is “Podcast” that hosted Rune Christensen or they mentioned MakerDAO. Definitely worthy of listening.

If you scroll a little bit more down you will find a section “Videos” where MakerDAO was mentioned in. This section is divided into 2 parts. The first one is “By and with MakerDAO Team Members”, the second one is “By others ❤️” which means by MakerDAO’s lovely community.

If you scroll more down you will find there “Dai and MakerDAO mentions”. Blog posts, articles, Medium post that MakerDAO or Dai was mentioned in and are worthy of reading.

In the section “Audits and Security“ you will find documents about Audits and Security of MakerDAO’s Single-Collateral System.

The section “Use your Dai” is a huge repository where you will find dapps, integrations, tools how to use, spend, watch your Dai and 3rd Party CDP Portals.

In the section “Watch your Dai” you can find tools for watching your CDP, so you can prevent the liquidation of your CDP.

In the section “Hold your Dai” you will find links to all kinds of wallets that have Dai integration.

In the section “Trade your Dai” you can find all links on Dai & MKR Markets, Token Swaps, Noncustodial and Custodial Exchanges that Dai or MKR tokens are listed and being traded.

In the next section of this awesome repository, you will find probably the most interesting part (or the one that you are looking for) ”Spend Your Dai”. You can find links on how to spend your Dai. Merchant Solutions so you can integrate Dai into your business solution. Open- Source payment processors so you can Dai in your business. On / Off Ramps — projects that are using Dai and sending it between continents Off Ramps, or using Dai as stable currency because they have financial problems in their country so they are using Dai as stablecoin.

In the section “Developer Resources“ you will find everything you need if you are dev and are looking for a code to Maker system. You can find there: Technical info, Developer Guides, APIs, Libraries and Tools, Source Code, All contracts including tokens addresses.

In the section “Stablecoins in General“ you will find there everything about stablecoins. This part is divided into 2 sections — Media and Other Stablecoin Projects. In “Media” you will find articles where stablecoins were mentioned, there are a lot of interesting articles — worth of reading if you are interested in stablecoins or want to get to know more about them. In section “Other Stablecoin Projects” you will find other projects that are using stablecoins, not Dai but they created their own stablecoin system.


There’s a link to MakerDAO general GitHub repository where you can find more information about everything that MakerDAO system is about, all sections, codes and basically, everything is there. MakerDAO is open- source and everything that you need you will find on this link. For example Meetup kit so you can organize MakerDAO meetup in your area.

Congratulations! You made it at the end of this article. Hope that it helped you find an answer to your questions about MakerDAO.

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