FEM Council of Berlin 2019: Spice is in the air 🌶 ✨

“It’s going to be awesome! Trust us” -Council organizers.

Magical Unicorn 🦄 and Dancing Chili 🌶? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Maybe it was made in heaven or maybe in a parallel universe — who knows!

The Operations Ring of Ethereum Magicians decided to step their game up and partnered with the most awesome MetaCartel and Web3 Summit for the best experience from Ethereum Magicians Council.

Yes, you read it right, two… but why?

Because we feel like Magicians can take over the Blockchain Week Berlin and simply because Ethereum Magicians are Awesome ✨✨

First Council will be FEM Main Council and it will be during Metacartel Demo Day in the afternoon (from 2–5pm with 20min break) at Berlin Institute of Technology on August 19th. 🌶🌶

You will need a ticket on MetaCartel Demo Day to attend FEM Main Council. There are still some tickets available — get them before they will get sold out! (cool NFT is a gift)

Second Council will be FEM “More” Council and it will be during Web3 Summit (we don’t know the time frame for this Council, yet) at Funkhaus on August 20th.⭐️⭐️

You will need a ticket on Web3 Summit to attend FEM “More” Council. There are still some tickets available — get them before they will get sold out!

The difference between Councils is that FEM Main Council will be more general and we are expecting that more people will attend this Council when FEM “More” Council will be more focused on Ethereum Governance-related topics and topics affecting the wider ecosystem beyond Ethereum.

If you bought tickets to Web3 Summit only to go to FEM Council, we definitely understand if this decision does not make you happy (please bear with us, we are working so hard to get the best possible experience from both Councils). We are trying to make FEM Council sessions as accessible as possible.

We are still going to have a Council during Web3 Summit, and we renamed it to “More” Council and will still have 3 hours of FEM Council during Web3 Summit.

Agenda for Councils

Monday (August 19th) FEM Main Council at Berlin Institute of Technology (during MetaCartel Demo Day)

2pm to 5pm

📈 Business Models

🤓 Decentralising Data Access

⛏️ ProgPOW

💻 EIP 1066

👩‍🏫 Education & Future of Work

Tuesday (August 20th) FEM “More” Council at Funkhaus (during Web3 Summit)

We don’t know the timeframe but we will have 3 hours allocated for this Council

👩‍🔬 Alternateth

👩‍⚖️ EIP-1559

⛓️Interoperability Standards (across chain standards)

🌐 Signaling

💰 Funding of infrastructure projects in a distributed ecosystem

Ring Meeting Sessions

Will happen during all Conferences around Blockchain Week Berlin. Keep an eye on Eth Magicians Twitter and Ethereum Magicians wiki and Telegram channel where we will post fresh updates about Ring meetings and Councils. Rings are individually organized by the community. We are there to help, but we can’t fully organize ring meeting sessions. All Individual Ring Meeting sessions that will be self-organized are listed there.


Official Ethreum Magicians FEM Council Website

Council of Berlin 2019 Resources

Registration form for Councils (for both Councils)

FEM Telegram Channel (for discussion)

Call for topics, EIPs to discuss (the FEM Forum for discussion)

MetaCartel Demo Day tickets

Web3 Summit tickets

Council Topics & Individual ring meetings — Berlin 2019 (Google spreadsheet)

FEM Wiki forum post

Something is missing or not clear? Reach us out on Telegram or FEM wiki.


Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨

Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨