Devcon5 ticket drama explained, what to expect and more!

The craziest and coolest Ethereum conference in 2019 is coming! Let me explain you ticket drama and probs get you more excited about what to expect this year on Devcon5 🤩

Just to clarify something — I DON’T work for EF, I’m NOT organizing Devcon. I just know people who are working on Devcon and as I’m working for Ethereum Magicians (I’m paid from private sources that has nothing to do with EF neither Devcon).

Ethereum Magicians are going to have lots of important discussions during Devcon5— scroll down for more info

Devcon5 kicked off with Ticket sale in waves that came with a lot of hate towards Devcon organizers. In my opinion, that’s the reason why some people decided to not attend Devcon5 this year. Not because they didn’t get a ticket but just because there was a problem with ticket purchase, so some people just gave up on trying to get a ticket at all 🎫

Long story short…🎫

Devcon organizers tried to have the option to buy Devcon5 ticket with a Credit card, and Crypto (ETH/DAI). In the first wave, there was a problem that organizers haven’t got enough time to test the system for purchasing tickets. When they test it, it was working but after first purchase with a Credit card, the ticketing system crashed and people could only buy a ticket with Crypto using Wallet Connect integration.

The community got mad, Devcon Troll was trolling 🤪

Devcon5 organizers worked super intensively on ticketing system this year. But they’re just people, they‘re not robots and whether you want or not, you have to accept the fact that people make mistakes. The second wave was a bit smoother, but it’s not organizers fault that hundreds of people suddenly came to a page and tried to buy a ticket. The third wave came with a small delay as there were way too many people who wanted to get a ticket. Lastly, there was an on-chain raffle to get a ticket.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want to have some drama in your life, scroll down a bit EF Devcon Twitter account.

Enough drama, let’s get excited for what’s waiting for us 🥳💃🕺

OFFDevcon is a community initiative that put up a website with events and important information for the community that will attend Devcon5 in Osaka 🇯🇵 . Make sure to check out their Medium articles to get all important information regarding transportation in Osaka, where to stay and more. Those people are behind amazing spreadsheet with all side events — that’s very handy!

Devcon5 what to expect 🙌

There will be so much going on! If you haven’t been on Devcon or any (bigger) Ethereum conference, prepare yourself to not sleep much, get so much new information, and don‘t forget to enjoy the party and networking and of course, great Japanese food 🍜🍱🍣

Devcon5 as itself is going to be a H U G E conference with around 4000 attendees including speakers, sponsors, regular attendees, scholarship students, students, builders, organizers and volunteers.

It’s going to have a 4-day schedule filled with great talks. Again, there was another drama going on with a lot of talks that have been rejected, but I bet that Devcon5 talks will be amazing! If you want to check out talks from Devcon4 scroll down a bit this YouTube channel.

Expect Community room, Culture room, Resting area, Sponsors area and more. Follow @EFDevcon on Twitter for fresh updates from Devcon5.

Before Devcon on Monday 7th, there will be Osaka Lightning talks Pre-Devcon5 event organized by ETHPlanet which non- profit organization. I think that’s worth of attending especially because this event is for free, you just need to register yourself to attend.

📣Exposing Devcon5 schedule ✨

On Tuesday 8th expect a lot of amazing talks. Including Ethereum Magicians community discussion, Ethereum Community panel with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and 🥁🥁 Ethereum Roadmap 2020 session including Core Devs! 👨‍💻

I don’t know what will be next on Devcon5 but I spoiled more than I was allowed to 🙈 Official schedule will be out soon!

Devcon5 will be from Tuesday until Friday and so much will go on. I’m super excited to get reunited with so many friends from all around the world, great talks, discussions and everything that will come along with it! I bet that you’re more excited now 🥳🤩

See you all in Osaka! 🇯🇵🤗

Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨