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How to spend few days in Lisbon without rushing but enjoying the city and working a bit

I visited Lisbon a few days ago. I wasn’t planning much beforehand, went to places as I felt for it. I read few blog posts about Lisbon and Portugal in general but did not had much expectations other than it’s cool city and I will have fun for sure. I knew a few friends that were in Lisbon whom I wanted to meet with otherwise had not much of a plans. …

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Answering the most common questions about EIPs and ERCs

EIPs and ERC Standards in Ethereum are a huge rabbit hole in which people are losing themselves into. Although Ethereum standards known as EIPs and ERCs are pretty well known, people still keep asking questions as to why do we even have them and use them. In this article I will try to break down all things that you should know about standards and how to create one by yourself.

Standards are definitions of web technology defining principles using which system works.

What is standard ?

Standard is a unification document promoting the designing process whose outcome represents consensus, fairness, public accountability and quality…

We are thrilled to announce that the Ethereum Magicians are coming to Paris! The Ethereum Magicians have collaborated with a bunch of supercool Ethereum folks to bring you the magical atmosphere with health and safety precautions in place. We will be hosting a full day conference with two tracks!

For a while the whole world has shut down as the COVID-19 pandemic hit almost every industry. The world has stopped operating for a while, people had to stay inside of their homes, locked down for weeks as the virus was spreading. As the physical world has shut down, we have…

Hey Ethereum Community!

The Ethereum Magicians, working on improving Ethereum, planning gathering and contributing here and there. We have some exciting news to announce!

Image by Camile Brodard

👤 New member of the Ops Team!

We are delighted to have William Schwab on board, he is working mainly as ERC Editor and helping out with the application layer standards. You can find him contributing to the Ethereum/ EIPs GitHub Repo and hanging out on FEM forum. William will be increasing participation in EIPs, and collaborating with the Ops Team members.

🤝 Supporting Ethereum Development

We are working on some activities focused on improving the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum Magicians have always been focused on the…

Buy this artwork as NFT by Deepologic

Permits are a fascinating function when it comes to blockchain transactions. Unfortunately this is an edge case where not much documentation is available, usually just a bunch of code and high level documentation. This article is a breakdown of the Permit function, use cases in projects that implemented this function, idea on how Permits could work with NFTs.


Permits are messages (wallet pop ups) which in the most cases are being used as token approval messages and meta transactions. Like approvals, Permits allow a third party to transact with your assets. Users create a signature that permits 3rd parties to…

The internet has changed the way humans connect to the world. Engineers , scientists, architects, designers this is just a tiny bit of people who are behind the internet of now. Computers changed the reality of humans, using computers as micro computers cyborg enhancing smartphones and accessories has changed the humanity and opened a whole new world to the metaverse. As cyber-humans we now interact with technology as if we were born with it.

Public Blockchain networks are taking the cyberpunk realm to a whole new level: collective consciousness is a shared digital organism, as water, air or the environment…

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The ERC721 is not perfect and there is a tons of room for improvement.

The ecosystem needs a better NFT standard, there are tons of money in the simple ERC721 standard. I did research on almost all known NFT related standards, had conversations with a couple of devs that either worked on one of those standards or are very familiar with the ERC721 and other NFT related standards. This article is about NFT standards that are live, related draft standards, proposal for the new standards and contains handy links regarding the NFT standards. My knowledge graph and research about the…

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This article is a walk through NFT Standard, NFT characteristic traits and explanations, NFT utilisation in DeFi.

NFT is a shortcut for Non Fungible Tokens which is a token standard on blockchain. NFTs is a data structure (token) which links metadata files which may be pinned to an image or file. This token is uploaded and modified to meet the requirements of blockchain networks like Ethereum, Kusama, Flow or others.

The Non Fungible Tokens boom opens up new doors to financial perspectives and utilisation to the market itself. There is a long road ahead of us although many teams are…

“We all live approximately half our lives in cyberspace, thanks to our iPhones and smartphones, an outcome predicted by every cyberpunk story under the sun.” — John Brownle

The internet is a creative space where anyone can unleash their creativity and explore infinite possibilities. We would love to pursue the purpose of “Polkadot is the Internet” compared to other blockchains as quoted by Shawn Tabrizi “Bitcoin is a calculator, Ethereum is a computer, Polkadot is the Internet”. Polkadot ecosystem traction is so impressive and we feel it’s time to give a special spotlight and create this opportunity to learn and share knowledge with those pioneers who are leading and building the Polkadot and substrate ecosystem.

Bitfwd 比特未来 is going to host two events in April, our aim is…

We are thrilled to announce that KodaDot is supporting more languages, becoming multilingual and native-first. One of the barriers that newcomers have to face is language barrier. There are so many people on this planet so why should we have Web3 tools only in English. The KodaDot team loves challenges and going beyond our own imaginations. We decided to grow our community beyond the English language speaking community members, support our community members from different parts of the world to be able to show us proof of work by helping us with translations to their native languages. This challenge was…


Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨

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