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The ERC721 is not perfect and there is a tons of room for improvement.

The ecosystem needs a better NFT standard, there are tons of money in the simple ERC721 standard. I did research on almost all known NFT related standards, had conversations with a couple of devs that either worked on one of those standards or are very familiar with the ERC721 and other NFT related standards. This article is about NFT standards that are live, related draft standards, proposal for the new standards and contains handy links regarding the NFT standards. My knowledge graph and research about the…

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This article is a walk through NFT Standard, NFT characteristic traits and explanations, NFT utilisation in DeFi.

NFT is a shortcut for Non Fungible Tokens which is a token standard on blockchain. NFTs is a data structure (token) which links metadata files which may be pinned to an image or file. This token is uploaded and modified to meet the requirements of blockchain networks like Ethereum, Kusama, Flow or others.

The Non Fungible Tokens boom opens up new doors to financial perspectives and utilisation to the market itself. There is a long road ahead of us although many teams are…

“We all live approximately half our lives in cyberspace, thanks to our iPhones and smartphones, an outcome predicted by every cyberpunk story under the sun.” — John Brownle

The internet is a creative space where anyone can unleash their creativity and explore infinite possibilities. We would love to pursue the purpose of “Polkadot is the Internet” compared to other blockchains as quoted by Shawn Tabrizi “Bitcoin is a calculator, Ethereum is a computer, Polkadot is the Internet”. Polkadot ecosystem traction is so impressive and we feel it’s time to give a special spotlight and create this opportunity to learn and share knowledge with those pioneers who are leading and building the Polkadot and substrate ecosystem.

Bitfwd 比特未来 is going to host two events in April, our aim is…

We are thrilled to announce that KodaDot is supporting more languages, becoming multilingual and native-first. One of the barriers that newcomers have to face is language barrier. There are so many people on this planet so why should we have Web3 tools only in English. The KodaDot team loves challenges and going beyond our own imaginations. We decided to grow our community beyond the English language speaking community members, support our community members from different parts of the world to be able to show us proof of work by helping us with translations to their native languages. This challenge was…

Takeaways from out Layer 2 sessions are finally live! We are rolling out the key learnings and takeaways from The Ethereum L2 Future series.

High gas fees (and the uncertainties they cause for users) are a huge problem on Ethereum and builders are trying to come up with solutions.

One solution is EIP-1559, which proposes to fundamentally change the way that the fee market works on Ethereum, adding in a novel fee burning mechanism. which would effectively burn some of the ETH per transaction. We recommend reading “Why 1559” from The State of 1559 curated by Tim Beiko for the reasoning behind this EIP and the benefits it will bring.

Another solution to high gas fees are Layer 2 solutions, enabling users to submit…

We are thrilled to invite you to be a part of the dHEDGE DAO ecosystem building processes. We are opening our team calls for the community to join us in the discussion of the future of dHEDGE DAO. You will have a chance to see more into what our team is up to, ask questions directly to our team and have a chance to contribute to the decision making.

We are going to host our first dHEDGE DAO Community Call in a few weeks and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Date & Time

23.February 2021 at 10am UTC /…

DAOs have changed Companies infrastructure, DeFi is transferring the financial sector and taking power over money from banks to people. We are exploring those topics more deeply and discussing with the leaders of their industries how decentralised tech is so powerful and changing people’s views on money and social infrastructure. We are aiming to educate, help form the new generations that will not be slaves of the current bank system and governance, facing corruptions, stuck money transfers and many more common problems. We are looking forward to seeing changes in the current company structures and processes how they handle governance…

We are going to host our second Community Call next week! 📞

Join us to discuss about Real-Time Finance in action. We are here to service the community, help you to integrate (or just play with) our protocol.

Agenda 📋

We will start the conversation with a quick look at our protocol visual interface, the Dashboard. We will be showing how to create a stream and make you more familiar with controlling the tokens flows. It would be cool to have your feedbacks, ideas and suggestions as those were essential for the development of all new features.

Next up we will move…

We had our first Community Call last week, inviting everyone interested in the future of Real-time Finance to join us, and help us shape our Protocol code and documentation to benefit the wider Ethereum community.

Our goal is to increase transparency around the project’s current status, and communicate clearly the development around Superfluid Protocol and recurring payments in crypto in the form of programmable cashflows.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! 🙂

Let’s recap what has happened on the call! The recording is up on our YouTube channel if you prefer to watch it.

👥 Community Introduction

Anett, our Community Manager, kicked off…

We are hosting our very first Community Call next week 📞

Come meet our team, and let’s discuss how recurring transfers and streaming money can power up Ethereum! We are here to service the community, help out to integrate (or just play with) our protocol, explain how to build SuperApps and go with the flow.

Why a Community Call?

We believe that the community is not only a set of nicknames on social media but is the very engine of our decentralised future. We are working on a smart contracts framework that can enhance how tokens move on the Ethereum blockchain. We want to…


Ethereum Sunshine 🌞 Can do magic @EthMagicians ✨

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